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  • Asked on September 7, 2017 in Bloging.
    • Churn the food well in the mouth before swallowing. carbohydrates starts digesting in the mouth so improper churning of food when in the stomach give more tasks for the stomach to perform.chew slowly
    • Drink water before meals. When you eat and drink, the required proportion of digestive juice concentration gets diluted hence the supposed effects it should take in digestion is hindered.
    • Never sleep right away after eating neither should you eat late at night.
    • Never eat heavy foods before going to bed.
    • Never starve yourself neither should you overeat
    • Eat with full concentration in the food you’re eating and not any other issues.
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  • Asked on August 31, 2017 in Bloging.

    The brain loves to learn and the more you focus it on a particular subject; it sticks, becomes habitual through repetitive actions of the subject.

    The brain has its limitations and likes; identify these and you can lead yourself, friends or children to taking the right courses and knowing  why they consistently pass or fail certain courses. Never force your mind to make mirage decisions, stick to what it feels happy doing.

    Love your mind

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  • Asked on August 26, 2017 in Health.

    Accra is very noisy hence increase in radiation from devices like phones and the spread of its contamination s across the face especially from the part of the body that receives calls, hence never make calls at noisy places. Or you can use earpiece to make your calls.


    Accra is polluted in the air by smoke emitting cars plying the roads. Experiment this, after a walk in town, use a clean handkerchief to clear your nostrils and you’d notice dark substance on your hanky, probably caused by these fuming cars in town.continuous inhaling of this deposits this dark substance in the lining of the throat and then sore throat develops.

    To heal the sore throat, you can take vitamin c or eat an orange

    Sometimes these smoke from the cars seem as the car is burning.

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  • Asked on August 21, 2017 in Education.

    1.Bully and teazing by friends

    2.child not understanding the schooling concept

    3.Examination fear

    4.Fear of teachers

    5.Too much strict rules

    6.Boring/ fear for some courses

    7.Apathy or lack of vision/ role model

    that is why school could ‘suck’ for your ward

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  • Asked on July 28, 2017 in Accessories.

    when the day ends for your service, it kicks you into another aspect of life.

    You either get employed, be an entrepreneur or join an association every graduate would not want to be associate with, Association of unemployed Graduate.

    the devil finds work for the idle man (lazy man)-Bible; so if the graduate student decide to wait for job especially one that pays good while ignoring other meager salaries, he might end up joining vices since humility comes before a rise similar to the adage from the Bible; ‘Pride comes before a fall’.

    The best suggestion is to still learn while you can, explore and use your talent if identified and do not let anyone look down upon you whatsoever…

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  • Asked on July 16, 2017 in TV.


    Tune in to some TV stations in Ghana and you’d realise the sort of advertising campaigns they make for fetishisms.

    Baba: if you want a wife come and see me or call me. If you want to be rich, for girls/ boys and so much more.

    The media adds to the viral blood money saga in the country. They always think of their selfish interest while shaping the minds of the youth into thinking of smart but evil ways to live

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  • Asked on July 10, 2017 in Advice.

    the attendance book is very great when it comes to identifying problems in a worker’ performance. To identify this, take into consideration the time of arrival and departure, signature, and spelling of name. when  worker.

    usually workers start work with full positive attitudes, they come on time and leave on time, they sign perfectly and write their full names.

    when familiarity sets in, you’d realize that workers timing declines, does not signs, writes his initials or nickname. this should tell of point of activeness to the point of sluggishness. this also determines the interest of the worker as to whether he hates or want to quit his job.

    Have you tried adding a wifi system for work, this might cause some of them to come early because internet bundle is expensive in certain countries.

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  • Asked on July 10, 2017 in Advice.

    while a kid, a was sickly. Parents spent lots of money to get me well but there was no improvement. when i changed environment and attitude, i became very active and till now i haven’t been ill. so therefore why didn’t the doctors tell me that i only needed to stop sitting for long hours(indoors) and rather gave me all sorts of experimental drugs as if I WERE a TEST RAT.

    Now in my old age, i heel myself with fruits, attitudinal change, exercises, rest, temperature bath(warm/cold water) to heal headaches and massaging certain points on the body. These have helped for 15years now and i never have to visit the pharmacy let alone, the hospital.

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  • Asked on July 6, 2017 in Advice.

    Best advice is that while growing up, we need to introduce savings and investments habits to our kids. Ask an average Ghanaian about TBILLS and the likes and you’d realize that they are clueless. taking it from here, what are the possible stuff making them broke in-spite of the increment?

    unnecessary chilling-peer pressure, desire to have cool gadgets which is above their budget, food, transportation, internet bundles, ladies demanding stuff from them vice versa, relatives now looking up to them as grown ups and must pay ‘Abusua’ dues; attend funerals etc. But a friend once said, ‘ more money, more problems’.

    how then do you suggest they save? i suppose that parents should come into agreements with their ward when about to start service, that they want to help the kid not to stay idle after service looking for jobs and looking into the face of his younger siblings to beg for their meals.hence safe guarding their ward from entering into other social ‘vicing’ activities.

    parents would have to handle and save the monies of their wards in a good institution and seek the advice of a professional on the best saving/ investment plans, while paying for the transportation and feeding of their wards during their span of service. which is the otherwise of the Ghanaian parent who would stop feeding the kid on hearing that his first pay have hit his account.

    imagine this is taking into consideration, how much do you think your ward would save in his sixth month of service and at the end of his service not taking into account the investment/ savings done.

    parents, please help your wards to save and not to come out of their service only to curse you for not support them financially, advice ….


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  • Asked on June 16, 2017 in Arts.

    how many Ghanaian know about the concept of a museum. put this to even the highly’educated and he would be clueless,

    he might say, ‘ its a place for dead people’. Even ask the government officials and they would not know its location and its relevance . Because they never visit the place but pretend to pride themselves in their cultural heritage .

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