Are you able to save as an NSS personnel

in spite of the huge increase in the allowance of service personnel, they still find it difficult to save.

Asked on July 5, 2017 in Advice.
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Best advice is that while growing up, we need to introduce savings and investments habits to our kids. Ask an average Ghanaian about TBILLS and the likes and you’d realize that they are clueless. taking it from here, what are the possible stuff making them broke in-spite of the increment?

unnecessary chilling-peer pressure, desire to have cool gadgets which is above their budget, food, transportation, internet bundles, ladies demanding stuff from them vice versa, relatives now looking up to them as grown ups and must pay ‘Abusua’ dues; attend funerals etc. But a friend once said, ‘ more money, more problems’.

how then do you suggest they save? i suppose that parents should come into agreements with their ward when about to start service, that they want to help the kid not to stay idle after service looking for jobs and looking into the face of his younger siblings to beg for their meals.hence safe guarding their ward from entering into other social ‘vicing’ activities.

parents would have to handle and save the monies of their wards in a good institution and seek the advice of a professional on the best saving/ investment plans, while paying for the transportation and feeding of their wards during their span of service. which is the otherwise of the Ghanaian parent who would stop feeding the kid on hearing that his first pay have hit his account.

imagine this is taking into consideration, how much do you think your ward would save in his sixth month of service and at the end of his service not taking into account the investment/ savings done.

parents, please help your wards to save and not to come out of their service only to curse you for not support them financially, advice ….


Answered on July 6, 2017.
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