Should advertising of alcoholic beverages be controlled?

In a developing country where rules are not enforced, why then should every aspect of our media encourage sex through alcoholism. Nowadays, the alcoholic industry is associating sex with alcoholism. A large % of alcohol sold has something to do with sexuality. Tune in to your radio or TV and all you hear is drink this and it would improve your sexual drive.the sexual aspects is just to boost sales. I thought the presence of a lady is aphrodisiac, you don’t need drinks/concoction at a youthful age for that, its poisonous to your health.Leave it to those who really need it. Guess what, the advertisers/radio/TV presenters of the alcoholic drinks pretend to be godly by advising. Let your godliness be true because your actions is causing lots of youth to be forced into amoral sexual activities.

What is your take on this act?

Asked on June 24, 2017 in Advice.
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